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 UC Hastings Law School in San Francisco - Custom Wilshire GFRC Planters with Benches
Kitsap Planters with Wally benches – Camperdown Plaza, Greenville, SC

About us

For the better part of the last decade, we've introduced ourselves as the company at the intersection of landscape and architecture. While that's still who we are, we're focusing our message on a more important part of our business - you! The real thing that's allowed us to grow our business is a dedication to customer success.

With our material options and Customworks team, designers and contractors across the country can be inspired to dream big and we'll work with you "successful sites start here!"


Places and People

Union City, CA

Tournesol Siteworks’ Headquarters is located in the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California where we’ve been working since 1979. Our facility is in Union City, on the east side of the San Francisco Bay, where we’ve called home since acquiring a 45,000 sf building in 2016. We cast, prep and paint our FRP pots and planters in this facility, as well as assemble our self-watering container systems.

Port Orchard, WA

Our newest facility joined us at the beginning of 2017. Formerly FairWeather Site Furnishings, their capabilities in metal forming and wood processing fit right in with the needs of our customers. In addition to the site furnishing products that they’ve produced for over 30 years, we’re now producing pots and planters in weathering steel at this plant. With capabilities including laser cutting, bending (sheet, strap and rod), lathe cutting, and of course welding, grinding and finishing, we have standard and custom capabilities that mesh seamlessly with the rest of our products. We employ around 35 at this facility, including some sales, project management, and engineering staff along with the local production team.

El Paso, TX

The U.S. half of our TexMex connection is based about three miles as the crow flies from the Mexican border, along US I-10. We receive product cast over the border in our Ciudad Juarez maquiladora, prepping, painting, and assembling as required. While this facility has traditionally processed all our GFRC lightweight concrete products (including fountains), we’ve recently begun processing fiberglass here as well. El Paso serves as a convenient shipping point for orders heading east. We currently have 20 employees at this facility, in a 20,000 sf facility on a 5-acre lot.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, MX

Our Mexican maquiladora is officially Tournesol Siteworks S.A. de C.V., and is a Mexican entity wholly owned by Tournesol Siteworks. Lightweight concrete has been the focus here since it was started by Stonewear in 2005, but we’ve recently begun casting FRP fiberglass as well. Since we’ve expanded production, we recently moved into a 65,000sf facility located in one of the earlier (and more central) industrial parks in Ciudad Juarez. We usually employ about 30 at this location, including a dedicated tooling shop, quality, GFRC casting and prep, and FRP casting and prep.


FRP Fiberglass Pot & Planter Fabrication

Tournesol Siteworks works in fiberglass for many of its pots and planters. We typically cast by hand or with a pneumatic chopper gun, using forms created in our dedicated mold shops. Once cast, the surface is prepped for painting by sanding and touching up with body filler. Each pot is damp-proofed with asphaltic sealant, then painted with industrial-grade acrylic epoxy. The labor-intensive process results in a uniform, consistent quality finish that is incredibly versatile. We wrote the book on making commercial quality planters that won’t bow or warp when filled with soil.

Wood Fabrication

Whether in furnishings, or planters, Tournesol Siteworks knows wood. Our Boulevard thermally-modified wood is a domestically grown and treated 25-year alternative to South American hardwoods, and is available in many of our products. Our wood shop in Port Orchard works Douglas Fir, Red Cedar, Ipe, and a popular milk-bottle based recycled plastic lumber into our benches, tables, and receptacles. Custom projects are no strangers, either!

Lightweight Concrete

Alkaline-resistant glass fibers substitute for tensioning rebar to allow us to cast concrete in ½”- ¾” thicknesses for most site furnishing applications. The weight makes it easy to ship, handle and place on site, yet strong enough to hold up to high-traffic. Similar to fiberglass, the process uses a concentric system to spray concrete into purpose built forms. After casting, the surface is patched and treated to create many different finish options.

Metal Processing

Tournesol Siteworks has a wide range of metal fabrication capabilities, including laser cutting, bending, shaping, and cutting. Whether starting with metal castings, pipe, sheet metal or strap, the metal fabrication process goes through many labor-intensive steps. Fixturing and years of welding experience ensures quality and consistency in production. Final surface preparation (grinding, blasting) occurs prior to finishing with a zinc-rich primer and epoxy powdercoat for optimal rust protection. Our team has recently begun working in weathering steel, allowing for a whole new range of finishes

Our Culture

Connecting with people is so important, now more than ever. It starts by listening, asking questions, and expanding working relationships. At Tournesol, our brand is centered around collaboration, trust, and delivery - striving to make our contractor customers and specifier partners successful! Our values and actions are displayed through a positive attitude, including critical thinking, culture, and curiosity, which lead to a passionate group of individuals - our team.