Product Application Advisors

Success starts here! Whether your project is early in the planning phase or nearing a deadline during a bid process, our team of advisors are here to help.

Need Project Advice? What is the best solution? What’s a rough estimate of costs? How can I reduce costs in my planning? What do I need to know for the best results? Send us your rough plans and schedule a call with one of our Project Advisors.

Need Product Expertise? Which material is best suited for my climate zone? Can you make that in my custom height? How will I anchor it to the pavers? Set up an appointment and our Product Advisors can walk you through your options, and even help you set up a quote request.

Meet Your Team

Brian Mitalo

Brian Mitalo

Brian Mitalo joined Tournesol in 2004 after several years working at Rain Bird in the Residential/Commercial group. He has been instrumental in the success of a number of challenging projects at Tournesol, including 1K Fulton in Chicago, IL, and Camperdown Plaza and Streetscape in Greenville, SC.

Brian shared he is “very thankful to work with so many talented and creative people, within Tournesol and our customers too. I am constantly amazed at the spaces they create.”

Brian is inspired by problem-solving; “It’s not so much about the solution as it is the mental challenge and what I learn along the way.” He also uses problem-solving in his home and yard remodeling projects to figure out dimensions and designs - he especially enjoys “the projects that involve painting and trim work.”

In his spare time, Brian loves to cook at home and will prepare “just about anything on the grill come rain, snow, or sunshine - I always have a spare propane tank at the ready.” He’s also an avid skier and loves skiing in the trees every chance he gets. But Brian said, “on one ski trip, I needed to be towed out of the Utah backcountry by a snowmobiler.” Go, Brian!

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Russ Daniels

Russ Daniels is our newest Advisor. We are thrilled to have his 22 years of manufacturing expertise working in the hospitality and retail sector. He has helped several customers by providing simple, cost-effective solutions to challenging site conditions and has a broad range of expertise from metal to wood materials.

Russ is already helping customers take their projects to the next level and he looks forward to hearing how he can help you. He is excited to be on the team to help “prepare, guide, and educate our partners and designers in the early stages of projects to ensure a successful foundation.” Russ thrives while collaborating with a team and striving for continuous improvement.

Being able to complete a project from the beginning of its ideation to completion and each step of the way drives and inspires Russ. He shares, “I love creating or being a part of creation and seeing someone’s design ideas come to life! When free, I work alongside my glassblower artists, creating custom fixtures.”

Russ also enjoys yard work, landscaping (a great fit), and keeping his outdoor spaces beautiful. Along with creating and designing, he makes trips to the beach as often as possible and thrives on playing volleyball and racquetball, camping, and fishing to catch the biggest fish.

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Russ Daniels

Catherine LeDuke

Catherine LeDuke

Catherine LeDuke is our National Business Development Manager and enjoys strategizing and building relationships with our customers and partners. She’s passionate about landscape architecture and terrific design and has collaborated closely with landscape designers and architects to help bring visions to life. These include large, successful projects such as the Midtown Public Square in Seattle, and Modera Cherry Creek in Denver.

She has lived in Colorado most of her life and loves it there; being outdoors is a big part of her life with hiking and horseback riding. Catherine boasts, “I am the master of the grill,” and she enjoys cooking for her friends and family, raising four wonderful children of her own. She loves opera music, and years ago, she worked at Houston Grand Opera, where she “had the opportunity to cue Placido Domingo to enter stage left.” What an experience!

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