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Recently Tournesol Siteworks had the opportunity to provide a turnkey fountain to Merrill Gardens, a senior living community in Rancho Cucamonga, east of Los Angeles, CA. The landscape architects at Architerra Design Group specified our Canterbury Fountain. Like all our turnkey fountains, this is made in lightweight GFRC concrete, has a 16-foot diameter basin and a three-tiered Crystal Bowl Center Feature. Architerra chose the Sandblast finish texture in our Italian Terra Cotta color. SRM Development LLC, the general contractor for Merrill Gardens, contracted with a Tournesol-approved assembler who put the fountain in early in 2019. About a month after the fountain was installed, we received a call from Merrill Gardens about an issue that had arisen. Due to the local regulations and Merrill Gardens property policy, the depth of the water in the fountain (approx. 12”) was too deep for the safety of the community; they requested that the surface of the floor plates be less than three inches below the top of the water. We suggested fabricating special custom floor plates to bring up the height of the fountain floor, thereby decreasing the water level. Since the new floor plates were completely custom (and something we’d never tried before), this required custom drawings from our engineering team who worked closely with SRM Development. Once approved, we manufactured the floor plates and sent them to SRM for their installation; they nested the new plates on top of the original plates.

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After the floor plate re-installation, Merrill Gardens reported the fountain was leaking. We received photos and noticed that an extender had been added, raising the level of the overflow drain. This raised the level of the water in the fountain to a point that it ran out of the basin, causing the leaking. One of Tournesol’s field assembly & repair team was sent to Rancho Cucamonga to repair the water fill float, which monitors the level of the water inside the fountain’s basin. The basin was empty with the plumbing disconnected, so Jose was able to look inside the two inner doors in the basin wall. The valve had corroded, so he replaced and repaired it. While fixing the water float valve, he also corrected the overflow drain level, which resolved the customer’s issue.

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Once the valves were repaired, water was added back to the fountain basin to test out the plumbing in the manifold and test the water flow to the center feature. The central three-tiered Crystal bowls needed a slight adjustment to ensure a smooth, laminar stream. Our crew explained the resolution to the property manager to ensure that repeated changes to the fountain plumbing would not again result in an overflow.

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We aim to make sure that our product is a success for the owner and the residents of the community, and sometimes on-site adjustments are part of the process. The Canterbury fountain at Merrill Gardens is a beautiful display and the senior community enjoys sitting near to hear the water splash.


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