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Photo by: Jeff Goldberg - Esto

Hastings Law - San Francisco, CA - Custom Wilshire GFRC Rectangles and Benches


Customworks Spotlight: Tournesol Siteworks LaGuardia Airport Central Pocket Park Project

For unique, design-driven environments, Tournesol Siteworks has established our Customworks group. Our project management, engineering and production teams work closely with you to turn your concepts into reality. We’ll apply our thirty years of experience working from design to delivery to make sure that your custom project is a success!

Customworks Capabilities

Factory production is far more efficient, from a time, waste, and quality perspective, than field production of a unique or complicated site element. Customworks works on single products, mixed materials, or complete environments, collaborating with all members of the construction team. In addition to being manufactured by Tournesol Siteworks production teams, all Customworks products carry the same 3-year warranty.

  • Project Management
  • CAD and Models direct to production tooling
  • Wood fabrication & finishing
  • Product Engineering
  • FRP Fiberglass
  • Steel fabrication – powder coated mild steel, weathering steel and stainless steel
  • Site Scanning and Modeling
  • Lightweight GFRC concrete
  • Custom finishing