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Metro Crossing is a new high style, contemporary multi-residential community with 608 luxurious condominiums and flats, located in Fremont, California. The surrounding area in Silicon Valley lends access to various recreation spots, open spaces and schools.

Toll Brothers a luxury home construction company, collaborated with Gates + Associates Landscape Architects, on the design of this project. The focus was to provide outdoor use and walkability, striving to allow residents to take full advantage of the space, per Casey Case, from Gates + Associates. “We created connections within the community and beyond so that people could be less dependent on their vehicles and take full advantage of the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) design. The Urban Plaza also creates a social destination for residents and visitors to enjoy the outdoor space.”

Metro Crossing, Fremont, CA - Weathering Steel Planters and Custom Screens

Metro Crossing houses multiple buildings and construction has progressed in multiple phases. At this stage, Tournesol has worked on two different locations with three installations. The project design challenged the landscape architects, since the landscape of the property changed from one end of the site to the other with varying grade elevations. Tournesol Siteworks had the opportunity to work on the project because of our relationship and collaboration in the past knowing that we could manufacture what they requested and work within budget constraints.

Closeup view of Weathering steel planters and Custom Screens

Our Customworks group became involved once the products specifically required extensive custom engineering. During this stage of the development, Metro Crossing’s order included over 50 Wilshire Weathering Steel Planters (in various lengths and heights) of which most were custom-sized, and custom laser-cut screens.

Deck view - Metro Crossing, Fremont, CA - Weathering Steel Planters and Custom Screens

Manufactured in 12 gauge mild steel, the planters needed to be custom-made in size ranges measuring at the shortest length - 4’8”L x 2’5”W x 18” H, to the longest length of 31’L x 3’W x 24”H. One specific custom steel planter was “L” shaped and rested under an arbor – the planter measured 18’/11’4”L x 3’W x 18”H. As part of the design, the “L” shaped planter required laser-cut screens to attach to trellises built on-site. During production, Toll Brothers decided to have an outside contractor make these laser-cut screens to integrate into our custom steel planters. Customworks engineers coordinated with Toll Brothers to figure out how they were planning to attach the trellises to the planters so we could build in attachment points. The team identified that an exact fit of a non-Tournesol product may prove difficult for the installer and addressed it up front. After a bit of collaboration, Toll Brothers changed to have Tournesol create the laser-cut panels instead, bypassing the issue. Dimensions of the trellises were shared, which allowed for the custom laser-cut screens to fit perfectly. Each of the three screens measured 16’L x 48”H and were manufactured in 3/16” mild powder-coated steel. The Customworks group was challenged at the beginning as the dimensions and finishes changed frequently, yet they were able to respond with solutions which met the clients’ approval.

Weathering Steel Planters closeup view

The city of Fremont had multiple stipulations which required approval and slowed down the production process. Schedule changes were another challenge we overcame since a few delays arose, yet production changed our timeline for shipping and manufacturing, and the dates were met directly.

The neighborhood of this sprawling setting allows for community areas where elevation changes create stepping views, residents can see roof tops, meander through courtyards, and wander through the amazing space where our products contribute to a fantastic experience.