Bollard installation for east coast customer

Recently, Tournesol Siteworks had the opportunity to provide an excellent custom solution needed for a project at a large institution located on the East Coast. They were looking to make security improvements to a plaza in front of a campus building. Initially, the customer reached out to Tournesol after checking our website and realizing our broad fabricating capabilities for decorative bollards.

Security Benches for east coast customer

Tournesol produced 40 security bollard covers for the site. They selected our standard B-4 Bollard Collection in schedule 40 steel 8” pipe with a dome-top, powder-coated in Black and Mineral Bronze colors. The security bollards were modified with three set screws at the top reveal and four set screws at the bottom of the sleeve to secure them to the security pipe bollards below.

Security Bench solution for east coat customer

As they were working through the bollard solution, the institution perused other products on our website and noticed the lightweight GFRC concrete planters we manufacture. They realized that our Wilshire Collection concrete planters were similar to a solution they required to increase protection at the site as well – solid concrete benches. The customer asked whether Tournesol Siteworks could customize our standard Wilshire Collection planter as a bench to suit their needs. Our salesperson, Anne Brown, recognized that the required quantity was large enough that a unique, custom solution would make sense. She spoke to our engineers, who realized that it wouldn’t be logical to provide exactly what they wanted, due to the cost of shipping; heavy concrete planters modified into benches shipped across the country would be extremely expensive.

Security Bench seating for an east coast customer

Tournesol Siteworks’ Customworks team suggested a solution similar to our planter barrier product – a lightweight, GFRC form, filled with a pre-made rebar cage, and filled with ready-mix concrete on site. The customer was very open to the custom solution – it was economical for them, and the end-product provided an excellent decorative security solution. In turn, 102 -standard round 30” diameter by 27”H units, and 24- 42” diameter by 33”H custom GFRC bench shells in Acid Etch texture and color Shadow, were produced. In this case, the GFRC form would be the decorative exterior bench. Once the unit was filled with concrete, the cast GFRC bench cap would be fastened down.



The bonus of working with Tournesol’s Customworks group is that we can offer a solutions in a wide range of materials. Our project management, engineering and production teams work closely to turn your concept into reality. For this customer, our Customworks group provided a solution that was efficient, secure, and helped  maximize their spend. Since then, we’ve been able to help the institution with modifications and revisions to the security benches after the initial installation, helping solve problems that weren’t anticipated when the original plaza was designed.