SpiraPave Deck & Paver Supports

SpiraPave® adjustable deck & paver jacks are an economical replacement for brick, metal or wood substructures when installing raised pavers or decking for ultra-low or low applications. Raised podium floors allow for rapid drainage, easy accessibility to waterproofing membrane and concealed services below. Using purpose-built jacks will simplify the design and reduce the installation cost compared to any other material. SpiraPave is specifically designed for low-height decks. Six different sizes adjust between 1/2" to 3" heights, with an available extender that increases the height by 1-3/4". The system features the same optional adjustable slope correction (up to 10% correction) we use on taller pedestal products. The broad, stable base won’t damage waterproofing, and works equally well with pavers (using 3 standard paver spacing sizes) or with decking beams.They are manufactured in 100% recycled polypropylene, so won’t rot, retain water, or promote bacteria growth.