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Options for Boulevard Planters

Boulevard Planter Options and Accessories

Tournesol’s Boulevard wood clads feature a robust FRP fiberglass liner to make a beautiful, long-lasting commercial-grade wood planter. The wood cladding on the fiberglass pots can even be deleted on sides where not needed, such as against a wall or butted up against another planter. Custom stainless, weathering, or powder-coated steel panels for accents or custom logo branding are available for these unique fiberglass outdoor planters. The Boulevard Cap creates an add-on feature for standard Boulevard Planters. It presents a 3.5” lip around the top of the fiberglass pot opening and attaches directly onto the top slats of the planter cladding. The Boulevard fiberglass FRP planter can also be outfitted with a screen option, trellis system, upright privacy screen, privacy panel, or wind screen that can be used to hide unsightly views.

Boulevard Screen

Create an attractive wind screen by combining a green screen planter and planter trellis.

Boulevard Screen

Combine our Boulevard Collection rectangular planters and VertiGreen modular 3D green wall trellis to create attractive, easy-to-install solutions for screening off unsightly views. Use our laser cut metal panels to create a green screen wall that protects against wind and functions as a living wall privacy screen. Available in FRP, lightweight GFRC, and Boulevard wood in a range of sizes, colors, and screen trellis sizes. Note: 3D trellis available in Black finish only.

Screens and Trellis

Boulevard wind screen or privacy panels for your green screen wall are available with standard patterns, a custom logo, or other custom-specified pattern. Pricing depends on pattern complexity. Please contact your salesperson for details.

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