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Trash and Ash Bins & Recyclers

Tournesol Siteworks various trash and ash receptacle (and recycler) collections offer everything from classic durability and beauty, to sturdy and durability. Outdoor trash receptacles are manufactured in materials including steel (laser-cut, powder-coated), cast-iron, wood, FRP fiberglass and lightweight GFRC concrete, as well as mixed materials. Among our outdoor trash receptacles are the various collections shown below, with square, round, oval, metal strapped, wood and varieties with multiple materials. Some of our outdoor trash receptacles have laser-cut patterns on steel with optional placards or emblems, as well as multi-unit trash and recyclers stations for sites that require large capabilities.

Boulevard Bins and Recyclers - New

Brio Collection Receptacles

Esplanade Collection Receptacles

Flight Deck Street & Garden Bins

Marina Collection

Metro Collection Receptacles

New - Lulu Collection Bin

Pacifica Collection Square Receptacle

Plaza Collection Receptacles

Strand Receptacle

Terrace Collection - Meadow Pattern Bin

Terrace Filigree Pattern Receptacles

Tournesol Bins and Recyclers

Tournesol Recycling Systems

Tradition Collection Receptacle

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