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End-Match Profile

The Thermal-Modification Process

Phase 1: Temperature Increase and Kiln Drying

The air temperature in the kiln is raised at a rapid speed using heat and steam to a level of around 212°F, the wood temperature follows at a similar level. Thereafter, the temperature is increased steadily to 260°F and drying takes place. Steam is used as a vapor membrane to prevent cracking of the wood. The steam also facilitates chemical changes taking place in the wood. At the end of this phase, the moisture content is reduced to almost zero.

Phase 2: Intensive Heat Treatment

During the intensive heat treatment phase, the air and wood temperature is increased to a level of 401°F. When the target level is reached, the temperature remains constant for 2 – 3 hours. Steam is used to prevent the wood from burning and cracking, and it also continues to influence the chemical changes taking place in the wood.

Phase 3: Cooling and Moisture Conditioning

The temperature is reduced using water spray systems. Conditioning and re-moisturizing takes place to bring the wood moisture content to approximately 6%. Low moisture level and altered cell structure provide long-term dimensional stability and resistance to warp, twist, and other wood movement.


Reduce the amount of waste, scrap and labor by using Tournesol’s Boulevard decking with end matching. The end match allows boards to meet between joists, eliminating cutting the length. Each board is fitted with both a male and a female end. Specify end-match by adding -EM to the part number.

Edge configuration

XX = 00 - Standard Deck Board (no hidden fastener grooves)

02 - Double-Groove Deck Board (hidden fastener grooves on both sides)

03 - No-Slip Standard Deck Board (no hidden fastener grooves)

05 - No-Slip Double Groove Deck Board (hidden fastener grooves on both sides)

SL - Siding - Shiplap profile, available in poplar in various sizes. Ask a salesperson for details.