EAM-111 with EAM-RS4

EAM-111-LC with EAM-RS4



EAM-21 with EAM-RS2

EAM-21-LC with EAM-RS2

EAM-212 with EAM-RS3

EAM-212-LC with EAM-RS3

EAM-213 with EAM-RS3

EAM-213-LC with EAM-RS3

EAM-33 with EM-RS1

EAM-33-LC with EM-RS1




Panel Graphics

Trash / Recycle Panel Options

A variety of panel styles are available for use with Tournesol Siteworks trash and recycle receptacles. Choose from one or more of these standard panel designs, depending on the style and use of the receptacles. Panels may be customized with project specific graphics and logos.

MATERIAL 14 to 16 gauge laser cut stainless steel.

Liner configuration

Multi-bin Liner Configuration

Multi-Bin Trash/Recycle recptacles are supplied with a standard liner that matches the configuration of the specified unit. For Example: EAM-213 with one disposal center, a half end and two quarter rounds would be supplied with a 35 gallon center liner, a 15 gallon half liner and two 7-1/2 gallon end liners.

Lifting handles

EAM-LH - Lifting handles are available for larger Earthsmart bins.

Disposal openings shape

Opening options for Multi-Bin Recycle Receptacles

These openings are options that are available for all of the Multi-Bin recycle receptacle containers and for use to convert standard trash receptacles to recycle containers. Choose from one to eight openings depending on the type of receptacle and its intended use.