How It Works

Tournesol VGM Modular Living Wall System

Tournesol VGM3 system consists of a 100% recycled plastic planting module attached to stainless steel hanging rails. Its simplicity and robustness are what makes it a leading product for commercial exterior living walls nationwide. The VGM3 allows for complex planting designs and complete coverage of any surface. Designed to last the life of the building, VGM3 is backed by Tournesol Siteworks’ 30 years of experience and 3-year standard warranty.

Modules are shipped broken down to the jobsite, where they are assembled, filled (either with the VGM media block or conventional lightweight greenroof soil) and planted by local contractors. Grow-in, which may take 1-3 months with soil,is greatly accelerated using the specially engineered media block. The stainless-steel rails require minimal penetrations, and can be installed independent of the modules. They mount on any structurally sound wall, including building facades and freestanding tube steel frames. The mounting brackets are quickly and easily assembled to the box, and an optional anti-lift arm prevents removal by vandals or unexpected weather or seismic activity.

Shown with typical irrigation.
  1. Stainless steel rail
  2. Stainless steel module brackets
  3. Tournesol Media Blocks
  4. VGM planting modules