Applying TourneSeal

Tournesol Siteworks’ standard pots & planters are designed to be used with drain holes. When a container needs to be watertight, we recommend waterproofing the interior. Our TourneSeal coating system is liquid applied, elastomeric waterproofing material, designed to seal the pot. While we water test every planter coated with TourneSeal, best practices (and our warranty) demand that the installing contractor field test with 6” of water to confirm the absence of installation or shipping damage prior to planting.

Drain Holes

All of our pots & planters are designed to be used with drain holes to ensure long-term plant health. Typically, our FRP pots are delivered without drain holes to allow the contractor to field verify the correct location prior to drilling. Tournesol Siteworks is pleased to pre-drill drain holes in either GFRC lightweight concrete or FRP fiberglass pots when requested by the customer. Standard drain hole configurations (see below) are done free-of-charge at the factory. For unique configuration hole sizes or quantities, please speak with your salesperson. Note: All dimensions are approximate and the location of drain holes can vary +/- 1/2"; standard drain holes are 1-5/8" Diameter.

Please click the image to download: "Planter-Drain-Hole-Guide.pdf"


Add mobility to most small and medium sized FRP and GFRC planters. We use hard polypropylene casters, appropriate for smooth and slightly rough surfaces. The casters are non-locking and recessed in the floor of the pot. The bottom of the skirt hiding the casters will be approximately 1/2" off the surface, around the entire pot. Casters are not typically provided for pots larger than 48", or especially narrow planters.


Scoop is a feature added to Wilshire Collection planters that allows multiple individual modular units to appear to form a continuous planting area. Adjacent planter walls are lowered and may be sealed in the field with the recommended Scoop Connection Kit, which allows for a continuous layer of soil and planting above.

Cast-in Accessory Pockets

Tournesol Siteworks can customize a standard planter with pockets to hold lighting, audio, electrical, or junction boxes. We can cast in sliding or swinging doors, creating hidden spaces for irrigation controls or storage access.

Bioretention Planters

Bioretention (also referred to as flow-through) planters act as an on-structure organic filter for stormwater systems. Tournesol Siteworks offers several standard configurations as well as modifying our designs to a specific application. See our website for details.

  1. Lightweight precast concrete planter, sealed with TourneSeal.
  2. Vegetation filters and transpires water.
  3. Drain lead from roof.
  4. Domed riser provides positive overflow.
  5. Bioretention media.
  6. Gravel/stone water storage.
  7. Drains to sewer or stormwater system.