April 30, 2020 – 10:00am

Like most everyone, Tournesol Siteworks has been affected by the rapidly evolving developments associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus. Here’s what our customers, specifiers, and partners should know. As of May 4th, our U.S. manufacturing facilities will be open and producing for our customers. Office staff companywide will still be working from home, which has had the side benefit of helping those parents whose children have been released from school.

While our plants are open, we are encouraging higher-risk employees to stay home, or if they are in the plant, we have them in positions where isolation or social distancing is assured. Each plant has a COVID Captain to act as a resource and monitor compliance with the safety protocol. Visitors are not allowed to our manufacturing facilities at the current time. Our Ciudad Juarez facility continues to be closed in accordance with Mexican federal guidelines.

As always, your success is our top priority and we continue to respond to our customers', clients', and associates' needs as quickly as possible. We are available and working by email and phone, happy to help at a moment's notice. Reach out to us by calling 800-542-2282 or visit us on our website at tournesol.com.

All of us at Tournesol hope you, your friends and family are safe and remain healthy during this trying time.

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