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Camperdown Plaza & Streetscape

Camperdown Plaza & Streetscape

Camperdown Plaza is in the heart of downtown Greenville, SC, where you can find restaurants, shops, hotels, and multi-family housing - a work, live, play area - hosting community and corporate events like festivals, movie nights, art shows, pop up shops, and food trucks. A little history, the plaza used to be a historic textile mill and then a local newspaper site, encompassing an entire city block with plenty of space for site furnishings and planters.

Matt Anders, Landscape Architect formally with Beau Welling Design, reached out to Tournesol for help with technical and engineering design support during one phase of the project. Beau Welling Design initially had a vision for a perforated metal seating surface on large, metal planter walls, yet when our engineering team made a mock-up of their desired design, it was not what they had envisioned. We mutually iterated on the concept until the team reached a decision Beau Welling Design liked, implementing wood instead of metal seating. 

Brasfield & Gorrie Contractors installed our Wally Collection in custom 2” x 4” Ipe wood bench and platform seating along the sides of our Kitsap Modular Metal Planter Walls. Kitsap comprises modular metal planter walls that bolt together to allow a vast range of planter options to sculpt space. They chose to finish these Kitsap walls in our standard powder-coat finish which includes a zinc-rich primer – also available in Weathering steel (a steel that rusts but maintains its structural strength) and stainless steel. As you see from the images, the landscape architects’ design shapes and planter sizes are various and fabulous – triangular, “L” shaped and others, totaling seven Kitsap planters around Camperdown Plaza and Streetscape.

Along another side of the plaza, they installed 48 of our square, powder-coated Wilshire Steel Collection Planters, 48”W x 48”L and 40”H. The planters divide the space and create a wonderful seating area in between, beautifully planted with flowers for the community to enjoy in a relaxing environment.

It is exciting to see the beautiful installation and finished project, and know that Tournesol was able to collaborate, be cost efficient, and fine tune designs to keep with the original vision. Also, to know that they community is loving this vibrant public space!