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Cool and Versatile - Wilshire Planters

Cool and Versatile - the Wilshire Planter

Looking for a planter that can meet your design challenges? Our most popular planter for streetscapes, rooftops, and amenity decks is the Wilshire Collection. Line several of them together and you create a highly effective way to configure space using live plants. The elegant straight lines disappear, and the eye-catching plants or flowers can pop!

Materials & Finishes

Our standard Wilshire planters are available in Weathering steel (our name for Corten), FRP fiberglass, and lightweight GFRC concrete - designed to be durable, even for streetscapes that are busy! Various color options and finish textures let you choose from smooth to coarse to the touch.

There is a huge amount of Wilshire planter sizes ranging from 18” L to 120” L, and various heights; specific customizations or modifications can be arranged. Shape options available in your choice of round, tall, square, or rectangular planters.

versatility and customizability set it apart - just like pizzas have many choices for toppings – this planter has many additional options. For example, add pockets to hold lighting (evening rooftop events), audio, electrical, or USB ports – especially today where everything needs to be charged. We can cast in sliding or swinging doors, creating hidden spaces for irrigation controls or storage access.

The interior of the planter is customizable with scoops, a feature added to Wilshire planters allowing multiple single, modular planters to appear to form a continuous area for planting.


The FRP Wilshire can be mounted (Wilshire Box Hanging Boxes) with an easy-to-use template and pre-engineered brackets. This hanging planter comes in 3 size ranges up to 120"L. The simple styling works with most building types and highlights the plants rather than the planter.

Ideally, the Wilshire planter is customizable to design ideas and specifications enabling the planters to create an amazing outdoor space! We’d love to share more info on our planters - reach out to us!