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Create Beautiful and Safe Outdoor Spaces

Create Beautiful and Safe Outdoor Spaces

As sheltering in place restrictions ease, streets and parking lots have become new marketplaces. Designers, landscape architects, and architects are continuing to reimagine and create beautiful and safe spaces, as social distancing will most likely remain into the unforeseeable future. 

Recently, restaurants, cafes, and shops in cities across the country have been approved to serve customers with outside seating and social distancing. Thankfully, this is allowing many businesses to remain open and their customers to patronize their local shops. Many main streets have been converted from traffic and parking to communal outdoor spaces. At Tournesol, we feel fortunate that our standard products are the placemaking tools for helping small businesses reopen and get back on their feet. 

Many of our standard site furnishings - café furniture, benches, tables, receptacles, and commercial planters - are functional components for safe social distancing in outdoor spaces. For instance, you could start with our popular Wilshire planters (shown above) in FRP or lightweight GFRC, or our stunning Boulevard Wood planters (also shown above) to divide spaces; attach our Wilshire Screens for privacy and height between outdoor spaces. 

For a smaller setting, try our Terrace Filigree Collection table and chairs, or our Plaza bench and commercial trash and recycling receptacles to distribute and create space for outdoor social distancing and relaxation.   

The options are endless, so many possibilities from our site furnishings and planter collections. Check out our website for ideas. We’d love to talk with you about your challenges and help create solutions and meet your creative design needs for maximizing outdoor spaces, parklets, and streetscapes.