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Historical Tennessee Brewery Gets an Upgrade


The Tennessee Brewery in Memphis, TN, is a modern, multi-family residence that has encompassed an historical building and area (since 1890) and sits next to the Mississippi River. Beer used to be produced and distributed from there in the early 20th century and has morphed into a community with rental apartments and residences. The Brewery has an amenity and community space in outdoor courtyards mixing modern and historical atmospheres.

Tournesol Siteworks had the opportunity to participate in a project which involved updating the residential courtyard of the Tennessee Brewery. Landscape Architects from Blair Parker Design, out of Memphis, TN, collaborated with developers from 495 Tennessee Partners to update the design of the existing residential courtyard and amenity space. They were slightly challenged by this project since the historic pavers, bricks and concrete had sloped the courtyard over time.

Blair Parker, PLA with Blair Parker Design, states, “We started investigating various brands early on when it was determined that very little of the original courtyard surface would change due to historic nature of this development. The final call to Tournesol took place 2 months before residents were to move in.” Tournesol was chosen for the project due to having met one of our Regional Sales Managers at a regional ASLA conference, and the variety of shapes and sized planters offered.

Blair Parker Design specified our Wilshire Collection planters, manufactured in lightweight FRP fiberglass, with a T-2 texture which enhances the durability of the finish and resists scratching. They chose MMP Iron for the planters’ color; the MMP color mimics the look of our more expensive metal-infused pots, yet the MMP painted colors won’t change over time, unlike the real metals. This continuous color provides predictability for commercial applications. The installation included a total of 27 planters - 18 rectangular, (two measuring 120” in length) and nine Wilshire squares. However, with the slope of the courtyard, the challenge was to make sure the planters were stable and level, so the solution was VersiJack Adjustable Deck & Paver Pedestals with optional Slope Correctors. The VersiJack are twist-to-adjust pedestals that can accommodate heights from 1-1/2” up to 40”, with indexing slope correctors that sit on top of the pedestals and adjust the slope to level from 1%-5% at 1% increments.

Blair Parker recalls the situation here, “Placing the planters on the slope seemed tricky at first but worked very well in the end. This was a learning process for our team, and we are pleased the Tournesol team took care of us.” 

Along with the planters, our CWM Modular Irrigation Systems were installed, matching irrigation to fit each planter’s specific dimensions. The CWM Container Irrigation Systems create large self-watering planters which reduce maintenance and are designed for use in any large planter, freestanding or otherwise. Reservoir modules are linked together and buried within the pot. The hand-filled reservoir utilizes Tournesol Siteworks’ vacuum-sensor system to precisely monitor the soil moisture in the container, and to give the plants exactly the amount of water they need.

We are thrilled that the project looks amazing, the customers are pleased, and the residents are enjoying their upgraded courtyard. We’ll end with a quote from Blair Parker, “Needless to say, we are very pleased with the large Tournesol Siteworks brand landscape planters installed at the Tennessee Brewery. They look great, function well and reflect the architectural theme of this outdoor space.”