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Steel Planters at Lucille on Roosevelt

“Lucille on Roosevelt” is a modern apartment complex with a fresh perspective, located in the Roosevelt neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The apartments are situated near a beautiful lake with outdoor activities and are walking distance to shopping and restaurants. Board & Vellum Architecture & Design, out of Seattle, designed the Lucille apartments. Tournesol Siteworks has had the opportunity to work with Board & Vellum for multiple projects in the Seattle area.

Board & Vellum specified multiple custom-sized steel planters and reached out to Tournesol Siteworks’ Customworks team. Our group worked with the architects, and the engineers were challenged because the steel planters had to be built to fit exactly into the Lucille site area dimensions. During the production process, the onsite dimensions changed frequently yet our engineers were able to respond with solutions as the plans changed.

Manufactured in 3/16” mild steel with a powder-coating to match, Tournesol built six planters in a variety of sizes with specific options, installed on site by SS Landscaping Services.

Planter 1 measured 87”L x 10”W x 24”H and was designed with specifically sized sidewall ports for planter drainage and irrigation. Sidewall ports are holes that are placed in the sidewalls to fit standard sized Uniseal Rubber Seals that create a watertight seal for the drainage pipe or irrigation line to be fed through, to seal around the pipe.

Planter 2 measured 148”L x 10”W x 40”H and was actually two planters fitted together. This planter also included sidewall ports (described above in Planter 1 explanation) and contained flow through access (Shown in image below).

Planter 3 measured 72”L x 6”W x 40”H; a very tall and narrow planter that also had sidewall ports installed.

Planter 4 measured 46”L x 31”W x 40”H, with various angled corners and walls, in a non-square shape. This planter was designed to fit around a concrete stem wall on-structure which obstructed the area and could not be removed; the planter also had sidewall ports.

Planter 5 measured 280”L x 27”W x 28”H and was split into four separate planters fitted together with scoops (Three of the four planters shown in the image to the left). Scoops are a planter option built at adjoining section walls to allow multiple individual modular units to appear to form a continuous planting area. The sidewalk onsite sloped downward so the planter was designed to accommodate the slope on its length by being cut down and the shape changed in both width and height. Board & Vellum requested skate stops to fit this low planter but didn’t define the skate stop design. Our lead Customworks engineer presented a few different skate stop designs to our production team and (after weighing each design’s pros and cons) together they came up with a great skate stop design solution.

Planter 6 measured 497”L x 24”W x 54”H and was the first steel bioretention planter Tournesol Siteworks manufactured. The planter was split into 11 pieces, each with a bioretention (flow-through) wall design (Shown in the image to the left, below). Bioretention planters act as an organic on-structure filter for stormwater systems. To accommodate on-site conditions, this planter was engineered with a stainless-steel bottom drain coupling mounted to the floor. All plumbing, including overflow drain and clean-outs, was provided by Tournesol (Shown in the image right). 

Once the Lucille building was complete, all six custom planters were installed on the ground floor of the building. The custom bioretention planter was placed at the building entrance -along the restaurant on the ground floor of the complex. The other five planters follow along the main walkway that winds between the court of the ground floor. Residents of the site can relax in this modern complex with luxury living and experience such a beautiful area of Seattle proper.