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Success Stories

Successful Sites Start Here

You might notice that the newest advertisements, catalogs, and detail sheets from Tournesol Siteworks carry the phrase in the title of this blog – Successful sites start here

For the better part of the last decade, we’ve introduced ourselves as the company at the intersection of landscape and architecture. While we still are, we’re focusing our message on a more important part of our business – you!

Though we’ve expanded our manufacturing footprint over the years, the real thing that’s allowed us to grow our business is a dedication to customer success. We’re pleased that you continue to make us your first choice, which we think reflects the effort we make to ensure your projects come out the way you want them to.

Whether in sales, engineering, or on the shop floor, our employees ask themselves “is this the way the customer would want it done?” We’ve chosen our tagline as a means of reflecting who we are, and who we’re committed to be. Give us the opportunity and put this promise to the test – we’ll do everything we can to make your next project a success!

Christopher Lyon – President