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The Exchange - with Boulevard Wood

Mission Bay, in San Francisco, is quickly becoming a very exciting business and residential neighborhood. Recently, Tournesol Siteworks had the opportunity to collaborate with landscape architects from Rios Clementi Hale Studios on The Exchange, a four-building commercial complex located at 16th and Owens Street. Two of the four buildings are 6-stories and two are 12-stories. This business community was designed to envelope the area with retail stores, restaurants and amenities (15,000 sf) within walking distance or delivery, without having to leave the neighborhood.

The Exchange offers an amazing outdoor environment, including multiple workspaces, set with wi-fi for easy movement and fluidity to meet wherever decided. The buildings’ environmentally friendly craftsmanship is complete with beautiful gardens and balconies, and the lush rooftop has views across the city and the waterfront. As part of the sustainable landscape design of The Exchange, Rios Clementi Hale Studios (RCHS) specified our Boulevard Thermally-Modified Wood decking lumber and designed beautiful rooftop wooden benches. The Boulevard Wood benches were built by Bjork Construction Company, Inc. for our frequent customer Jensen Corporation, who completed the exterior landscape.

Bjork used 5,928 pieces of 1” x 6" and 5,844 pieces of 2” x  6” nominal sized lumber to build the bench structures designed by RCHS. Boulevard wood has a 25+ year life span (AWPA UC3B) and a Class A flame spread rating (ASTM E84). It is moisture stabilized, splinter, warp and twist resistant, and will naturally weather to a beautiful, rich patina. Tournesol’s Boulevard wood starts with ash, then the lumber is treated at high temperatures (374°F) and with steam in a special kiln. The natural process changes the make-up of the wood, creating a naturally dark-colored lumber with exceptional rot, pest and decay resistance. All lumber is harvested and processed entirely in the U.S. Boulevard wood is 50% lighter (good for shipping), ecologically responsible, and far easier to modify and work with on-site than South American hardwoods. All Boulevard wood is 100% free of the arsenic, copper, chrome, and other hazardous metals present in pressure-treated wood.

The Boulevard wood benches on-structure are stunning – a fabulous design and a wonderful place to gather, meet, rest, communicate, and collaborate.