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The Nature of Outdoor Materials

The Nature of Outdoor Materials 

Sun, rain, and snow are formidable forces. Exposure to UV rays and fluctuations in temperature are serious considerations in selecting outdoor materials. Anticipating changes from long-term plant growth and seasonal weather conditions over time is part of effective landscape planning. 

We build durable products in North America, and our specialties include FRP fiberglass, GFRC lightweight concrete, Metal, and Wood. Our products are constructed to withstand most climate conditions. 

FRP Fiberglass (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

FRP fiberglass is a highly durable, cost-effective material that is hand-crafted from layers of glass fibers and resin and is easier to customize when compared to concrete or metal. Our commercial-grade FRP is highly durable, lasts longer than plastic, and will endure in most winter climates. You can choose your color in one of our three textures: Smooth, Orange Peel, or Rough Stucco. Visit Materials & Finishes to view these options and order samples. 

GFRC Lightweight Concrete

Concrete is combined with fiberglass and resin to create our thin-walled GFRC. This material has the look of concrete but is lightweight and durable. We have a palette of colors to choose from and five textures; Acid Etch, Sand Blast, Fine Grain, Natural Sand, and Travertine. Visit Materials & Finishes to view these options and order samples. Both Lightweight GFRC and FRP reduce shipping costs and are easy to move into place on site. Lightweight planters are a great choice for balconies and rooftops. 


Tournesol’s Port Orchard, WA, plant fabricates products in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Weathering Steel. We apply a durable Powder Coat finish to our Mild (Carbon) and Stainless-Steel products. We offer a broad range of colors, including one that mimics the color of weathered steel but doesn’t rust or stain adjacent surfaces. Visit Materials & Finishes to view these options and order samples Our Weathering Steel oxidizes to a deep red-orange color when exposed to the elements. Its warm industrial aesthetic is a favorite of many landscape architects. 


Our most popular material is our Boulevard Thermally Modified Oak. Many of our customers are moving towards eliminating tropical woods. Thermally modified woods perform similarly to tropical wood species and are sustainably harvested. These thermally modified woods are almost as strong and long-lasting as tropical woods, and are stable and resist pests, decay, warping, and splitting. We also offer Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar, and Ipe. 

Help Selecting Materials

Our Tournesol team of Specification and Project Advisors would be happy to help you select the appropriate materials for your project. Learn more about our Advisors and make an appointment with one today!