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Success Stories

Tournesol's Best of 2020 Projects

In 2020, Tournesol was thrilled to be part of several incredible installations across the country. From coast to coast, we had the privilege to work with many talented architects, landscape architects, contractors, and designers. Our products helped to build amazing commercial sites ranging from hospitality to healthcare and everything in between. 2020 was a very difficult year, but we’re proud of our successes, and we look forward to the future.


Project #1 - Hospital, Columbus, OH

In Columbus, Ohio, we collaborated with NBBJ Architectural Firm on a large Hospital - one of the largest and most comprehensive pediatric hospitals and research institutes in the US. On the east and west courtyards of the hospital, beautiful custom commercial benches were installed by J.A. Birdwell Contracting LLC and constructed with Tournesol’s Boulevard thermally modified Wood decking lumber.


Project #2 - Modera Rincon Hill, San Francisco, CA

Modera Rincon Hill apartments at 390 1st Street are in the East Cut neighborhood, which is becoming one of San Francisco’s most desirable places to live. The Modera building has four expansive rooftop terraces with views of the San Francisco Bay and downtown. For these terraces, PGAdesign Landscape Architects specified over 90 of Tournesol’s Wilshire Collection rectangular planters. Installed by Eggli Landscape Contractors, 76 of the planters were manufactured in our Wilshire Weathering Steel Planters (in various lengths and heights) of which most were custom-sized.


Project #3 - Power + Light, Portland, OR

The Power + Light Building in Portland, Oregon, is an Italian Renaissance-style architectural structure built in 1928 and was originally Portland’s Public Service Building. Now an office building with many modern amenities, including a large roof terrace. Landscape architects from Shapiro Didway, collaborated with TVA architects to create an outdoor roof deck space with excellent views of the city of Portland, honoring the historic character while modernizing the functionality of the entire structure. Shapiro Didway specified 31 of Tournesol’s Wilshire Collection rectangular planters.


Project #4 - Pearl Street, New York, NY

Near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, at 175 Pearl Street, stands an old manufacturing building (from 1918) that has been refurbished into office space in the Dumbo Heights neighborhood, an emerging area for entrepreneurs and technology firms. Tournesol was specified by A + I, Architecture Plus Information, and collaborated with landscape architects from The Organic Gardener. When they reached out, our Customworks team was able to address their issues regarding fabrication complications and quality of materials required, with solid answers and solutions. We coordinated with them on large, 12-gauge, powder-coated mild steel planters bolted together to create immense planting areas.


Project #5 - Great Jones Alley, New York, NY

At One Great Jones Alley in New York, NY, a beautiful green wall seemingly grows out of steel at the residential entrance of the 12-story mixed-use development. The green wall, a cobblestone driveway, and the steel material pay homage to the tough, industrial past of NYC’s NoHo Historic District.  But this isn’t just any green wall, as HMWhite Landscape Architects and Urban Designers specified Tournesol’s VGM Modular Living Wall System to complete the designed green wall entrance and the 2nd floor terrace in the building’s courtyard.


Project #6 - Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, CA

One of the most famous hotels in the US, the Hotel del Coronado has a long, wonderful history starting more than 130 years ago - having hosted celebrities, royalty, U.S. Presidents, and beach-lovers for generations. Tournesol had the opportunity to work with Burton Landscape Architecture Studio, a landscape designer out of Solano Beach, CA, on a recent remodeling project at The Del. Burton’s designs specified 74 of our Wilshire Collection rectangular planters in various sizes, and for 3 specific areas on the hotel property.